Welcome to the life well-crafted

Since 2015, Design Hatch has been making paper goods for purposeful living.

We seek to encourage intentional planning with our notepads and planners, and foster connections with our greeting cards.

Things that matter to us

Intentional design

We take pride in creating lovely paper goods that make life just a tiny bit better. We always ask—Is this worth doing? How will it blend with your everyday? Does it make work easy, relationships closer, and life well-crafted?

Human first

We value the human on the other end of every conversation. Just as we make cards that speak with kindness and authenticity, we also strive to communicate with our customers the same way.

    Heart made

      By we and us, it really just means Design Hatch and me, Aislinn Kee. I design all our paper goods and make them with local printers and suppliers. All orders are packed and shipped directly from me to you. Thank you for supporting my small business!

    Works in progress

    We believe in growing and figuring things out for the better. Here are some things we're working on:

    Sustainable packaging

    We reuse scrap paper and boards for thank-you notes when we can, and have switched to corrugated cardboard for greeting card orders. We aim to be free of bubblewrap use by 2023 or earlier.

    Slow business

    A paradox if taken literally, but to us, slow business means a smaller carbon footprint, a more meaningful way of connecting with customers, and a nimbler path to creativity.

    This 2022, we're reducing our physical retail presence, developing our custom stationery, and releasing new goods every 1-2 months in limited quantities—more creativity, less waste.