About Us

We believe in dreamers and doers, vision and action.

We believe in crafting our lives by being the best version of ourselves.

At DesignHatch, we are committed to making products to help you through everyday with purpose and joy. We are passionate about design and the littlest details that make a product good and beautiful. We seek to encourage, empower and inspire individuals to have a life well-crafted.

DesignHatch is a lifestyle brand based in Manila, Philippines.

About The Life Well-Crafted

The Life Well-Crafted is our mantra, battle cry and philosophy. We wholeheartedly believe that living with intention and authenticity makes for a richer, fuller and more harmonious way of life. We want to inspire people to craft a life that's entirely their own, so we launched a blog of the same name.

The Life Well-Crafted blog is an interview series on local artists, creatives and go-getters we admire. We talk to them candidly about how they got started, whether it's a full-blown career or a fulfilling hobby; what motivates them and makes them productive; the challenges they may have encountered along the way; and some insights on what it means to have an authentic life and do meaningful work.

Read up on our curated interviews at The Life Well-Crafted.