The language of affection

The language of affection

I've always thought of my greeting card writing as "telling it like it is" on feelings within relationships. Sometimes, it's the more awkward and difficult things to say out loud, or the things left unsaid, but many times, it's different variations of the simplest of feelings: "I love you and I'm thinking of you."

Over the years, I've found the most earnest ways to say this is in Tagalog. There's nothing like giving and receiving love in the language we use and hear everyday. Tagos sa puso doesn't translate very well into through the heart, does it?

Last year, I released a collection of Tagalog cards, and I considered doing the same this year. In the end, I chose to intersperse new Tagalog designs within my longest-running collections. After all, this is the language of our affections everyday, when we say: kamusta, kain tayo, ingat

Here are the new additions to our greeting card range. May they keep you well, as you offer and immortalize your affections in writing, beyond the everyday.

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