A Personal Update, ECQ Edition

Dear friends and fellow paper lovers,

It's been a weird, devastating, uncertain several weeks. My heart goes out to everyone affected, those who have experienced illness and loss, and those who have lost their normal way of life and being.

I've had ultra-productive days as I escape to work, news-binging days which made me feel miserable, introspective days as I figure out where Design Hatch and my own place is in this new world, self-care days, do-nothing days, and everything in between. Whatever day you're having today, I hope you're well and safe.

The local stores we sell at are all closed since the ECQ started. Being a tiny one-woman operation has come in handy now, as I'm forced to be nimble as I navigate this new landscape, and not having permanent staff has made this transition easier. I'm grateful to have been working with shops that take care of their own staff, the very same I've come to know and who've been selling our products in stores over the years. ❤️

I also closed our online shop temporarily to help lessen non-essential travel, and also (mostly) because I feel weird selling paper goods I make when so many are having a difficult time.

I get surprised when we get inquiries. Some people I personally know have also bought from us. It's reassuring to know that there's still space for empathy, productivity, and paper goods during this time.

So I've decided to open our site again, but will still figure out delivery after ECQI'm just taking it day by day! At the very least, you can look at pretty paper things (I've been doing a lot of this myself), and get gift cards. ✨

If you're reading this on our IG or FB account, thanks for following our journey over the years. (By OUR journey, I really mean Design Hatch and me. Lol, I know, it's confusing. 😂) If you're on our website, hello, and thanks for dropping by!

Much love,

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