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Alexis Ventura is the artist and entrepreneur behind the Ink Scribbler brand and the online store, Craft Central, which will be opening its brick-and-mortar shop at Greenbelt 5 this month.

From a solo calligraphy artist, she has grown the Ink Scribbler brand to a team of talented artists. They do branding and commissioned art and lettering for companies and individuals alike, but they're most known for their wedding invitation designs.

In the first of our two-part interview with Alexis, she talks about her beginnings as a calligrapher, the blessings she found in pursuing her own path, and the opportunities she now shares with her Ink Scribbler team.

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A budding watercolorist, Joly Poa paints flowers and floral wreaths in charming pink hues. Having shared her progress through Youtube tutorials, Instagram photos and time-lapse videos since she started her journey as an artist, she has gained quite a following on social media.

We continue The Life Well-Crafted series as we talk to her about her humble beginnings as an artist and the wonderful online art community that has taken her in since.

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Valerie Chua's unique art pieces explore the female form and the beauty of nature. As an illustrator, she has worked with international brands such as Clinique, Christian Louboutin (Asia), Lenovo, and SK-II. Aside from the Philippines, she has also exhibited in the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Today, she works as a full-time painter and shares her talent and knowledge to her students through workshops and private classes.

In this installment of The Life Well-Crafted, Valerie talks to us candidly about the challenges in the beginning of her career, and her transition from illustration to gallery work.

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