Alexis Ventura on Ink Scribbler (Part 1 of 2)

Alexis Ventura on Ink Scribbler (Part 1 of 2)

Alexis Ventura is the artist and entrepreneur behind the Ink Scribbler brand and the online store, Craft Central, which will be opening its brick-and-mortar shop at Greenbelt 5 this month.

From a solo calligraphy artist, she has grown the Ink Scribbler brand to a team of talented artists. They do branding and commissioned art and lettering for companies and individuals alike, but they're most known for their wedding invitation designs, as they've made wedding suites and calligraphy work for celebrity clients, such as Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista.

They also hold calligraphy workshops every so often. The Craft Central store was then borne out of a need to provide materials for the Ink Scribbler workshop participants.

In the first of our two-part interview with Alexis, she talks about her beginnings as a calligrapher, the blessings she found in pursuing her own path, and the opportunities she now shares with her Ink Scribbler team.

Give us a little background about yourself. When and how did you get started with calligraphy and the Ink Scribbler brand?

I’m Alexis and this year I’m turning 28. I started calligraphy about 6 years ago. It was something that I stumbled upon in work, as I was handling a French brand. At that time, I was looking for a new after-work hobby to break away from the monotony of corporate life. Ink Scribbler, as a brand, naturally came after a few months. It was a good idea to start a website, and since I was shy, I didn’t want to use my name for it. Haha!

What made you take the leap to pursue art as a career and business?

About half a year after creating the website, I decided that it was time to pursue Ink Scribbler full time. The decision was a product of about 8 months of prayer. Work was doing well, but I felt that there was something else that I had to do. The direction was so clear to me, that failing or succeeding was no longer the issue. It was about following where I’m being led. With the blessing of my parents, I happily jumped out to explore this new playground.

Take us through your creative process. How do you go from a blank page to a finished piece?

To be honest, I was not the “artistic” kid while growing up. In fact, I took up Management Honors with a minor in Finance back in college. Up to now, I’m always in awe to see how artists can magically come up with something beautiful. So for me, I try to make the process straightforward, if that is even possible. I start with a general goal of what emotions I need to express in the artwork. Structure and colors come in after that. Almost all of the time, it takes several attempts to get things right. Most of our projects start with traditional artwork and is then later translated into digital files for printing. 

Tell us about your art. Has your style evolved since you started making art? How did this translate into the Ink Scribbler brand?

Of course! When I started, my writing wasn’t even half good. This is also why I chose the name “Ink Scribbler” because it doesn’t use the term calligraphy. The name allows me to get away with using my own style of writing. Thankfully, my writing now is way better than before! I also learned that you need to be prolific in order to create a brand. Churning out works relentlessly allowed me to build the Ink Scribbler style and brand personality.

What are some challenges and rewards you encountered in your transition from a solo artist to leading a team of talented artists at Ink Scribbler?

Upon graduating from college, I figured out that my passion was to create jobs. I wasn’t artsy yet back then when I made this goal, so now am grateful to the Lord for this amazing opportunity to make a business out of art. For a year, my sister and cousin was working with me part-time before we actually opened an office. Good people are hard to find and we are incredibly lucky to have the team. My reward is being able to follow my passion of art and creating jobs. Having a team also frees up my time to focus on the business direction and strategy. As a leader, my main challenge is to take care of people—help them grow and find fulfilment in work. They are giving a part of their lives to Ink Scribbler, and I hope they make the most of out the opportunities we have!

What is your favorite project at Ink Scribbler?

Lettering is special because it allows me to convey a message. If I could choose a favourite product, it would be the framed calligraphy cutouts. It makes me happy to know that my favourite quotes and verses are displayed in people’s homes.

What does your workspace look like?

It’s not the tidiest workspace. I have my laptop on the table and a small container of pens, pencils and rulers. I use paper as my mousepad, so it’s also where I write my ideas and things to do. I have a cork board on the wall for random artworks and documents, and a couple of shelves behind me to store everything else.
Stay tuned next week for part two of our interview with Alexis, as we talk to her about the upcoming Craft Central shop!
Photos and artworks by Alexis Ventura and Ink Scribbler. Follow Ink Scribbler online through Instagram at @inkscribbler and their website.
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