Abbey Sy: Artist & Author

Abbey Sy: Artist & Author

With her ABCAlways Be Creating philosophy, artist Abbey Sy has inspired many with her beautiful lettering works, art workshops and talks, and her book The ABCs of Hand Lettering, a lettering guidebook for beginners published by Summit Media.

In this interview, she shares her journey to doing art full-time and her creative process as an artist.

How did you get started with art?

I started as a kid, and it was always a hobby until I ended up turning it into my job (unexpectedly).

I realized it was the best way to combine work and doing what I love.

What made you take the leap to pursue art full-time?

I just wanted to try it out and allow myself a year to do so. My one-year trial involved writing a book and working with brands. I decided to continue because I realized it was the best way to combine work and doing what I love.

Describe your typical day. Do you have a daily ritual to keep you productive and motivated?

I keep my work schedule like traditional office hours9am to 5pm. I sneak in some me-time in between and I like to spend time doing other non-creative things like catch up with friends, watch films, dance, etc.

What does your workspace look like?

A visual mess of how my brain looks. It's homey, vintage-y, and everything is made of wood. I actually work in an attic which I eventually turned into a space of my own.

Tell us about your art. Has your style evolved since you started making art?

I have a tendency to stick to autumn colors and retro-inspired hues. It has definitely evolved from my beginnings of drawing florals and colorful elements. Now it's usually very layout-heavy and mature.

Take us through your creative process. How do you go from a blank page to a finished piece?

Lots of drafts, ideation and research. Then I start drawing, editing, and work on the final piece. It doesn't seem much, but the research part is pretty intense because I like to keep things planned and well-researched.

Share your favorite milestone in your journey as an artist.

Publishing a book, and inspiring people to start their own creative journey. 

Can you share one important decision you made that led you closer to where you are now?

I gave a TEDx talk on making things happen. I realized I wasn't living up to the advice I gave during the talkthat led me to quit my job and pursue what I really love.

What are you excited about today?

I'm working on two big projects. I can't share it yet but it's definitely exciting!

Photos and artworks by Abbey Sy. Follow Abbey online through her website or Instagram at @abbeysy.
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